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Mariela Griffor

Mariela Griffor and Kjell Espmark

11 APRIL 2013 — thursday

Poetry Flash presents a reading by Kjell Espmark and Mariela Griffor, wheelchair accessible, request ASL interpreters one week in advance from editor, Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, 7:30 (510/849-2087,

More about the readers
Kjell Espmark, Swedish poet, novelist, and literary historian, will read from his book of poems Outside the Calendar, translated by Robin Fulton Macpherson. A member of the Swedish Academy since 1981 and a sitting member of the Nobel Committee since 1988, Espmark has published thirteen volumes of poetry and received a bevy of honors, including the Bellman Prize for Poetry, the Schuck Prize for Literary Criticism, the Kellgren Prize, The Great Prize of De Nio ("The Nine"), and the Tranströmer Prize.
Mariela Griffor was born in Concepción, Chile. She is the founder of Marick Press and author of three books of poems, Exiliana and House, both published in 2007, and the 2010 collection Heartland, about which Jim Schley says, "While she is capable of acknowledging and dramatizing ghastly geopolitical realities with stark veracity, she always—yes, always—approaches the momentous historical complexities she is uniquely situated to describe with a tenderness most people…can only summon for their home life…She is dedicated, intellectually penetrating, and endlessly curious." Her forthcoming publications include translations by Neruda, Raul Zurita, Gabriela Mistral, and Kristina Lugn.

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