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Heaven Was Detroit: Al Young, Greil Marcus, ML Liebler

27 AUGUST 2017 — sunday

Poetry Flash presents a celebration and launch reading for Heaven Was Detroit: From Jazz to Hip-hop and Beyond, with contributors Greil Marcus, Al Young, Melba Joyce Boyd, Brian Jabas Smith, George Moseman, Joel Martin, and Pat Thomas, with editor M.L. Liebler, request ASL interpreters one week in advance from, wheelchair accessible, Diesel, A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue, Oakland, 3:00 (510/653-9965,

A reading and Bay Area celebration for Heaven Was Detroit: From Jazz to Hip-hop and Beyond, an anthology of writing on Detroit's seminal music and its culture, with editor M.L. Liebler and contributors Greil Marcus, Al Young, Melba Joyce Boyd, Brian Jabas Smith, George Moseman, Joel Martin, and Pat Thomas.
Greil Marcus, author of Mystery Train, Lipstick Traces, and most recently, A History of Rock'n'Roll in Ten Songs.
Al Young, former California Poet Laureate, author of poetry, novels, and memoirs. His most recent poetry collection is Something About the Blues; some forthcoming books are 22 Moon Poems, October Variations, and Love Offline.
M.L. Liebler, poet, literary arts activist, and professor, founder, among much else, of the National Writer's Voice Project in Detroit, author of many books of poetry, including the forthcoming I Want to Be Once, and editor of anthologies including Working Words: Punching the Clock & Kicking Out the Jams and Heaven Was Detroit.
Melba Joyce Boyd, professor, author of nine books of poetry and a number of books, including Wrestling with the Muse: Dudley Randall and the Broadside Press.
Brian Jabas Smith, award-winning journalist, first as a staff writer and columnist for the Phoenix New Times, and then as editor at the Detroit Metro Times, former songwriter and front man for rock'n'roll bands, and author of the short story collection Spent Saints.
George "Moseley the Punk" Moseman, member of the "outside the box" band the Früt.
Joel Martin, well-known Detroit producer, publisher of Eminem's music and producer of The Romantics, Sponge, Sean Forbes, and others.
Pat Thomas, author of Listen, Whitey!: The Sights and Sounds of Black Power, 1965-1975 and the forthcoming Did It!: From Yippie to Yuppie, Jerry Rubin: An American Revolutionary and A&R consultant to various record labels as well as producer of reissues of vintage music by Sly Stone, Carole King, and others.

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